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Free downloadables to help you on your investment journey

  • Glossary of Investment Terms

    This is the definitive guide and explanation to all the names and terms you'll hear being thrown around when raising investment.

  • The Business Model Canvas

    The Business Model Canvas, created by Strategyzer, will help you develop and understand the foundations of your business model allowing you to spot any weaknesses or opportunities for improvement before talking to investors.

  • Investment Reading List

    The best articles, blogs, books and free online resources to help you understand the fundraising process and get ready for investment.

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If you’re looking for on-demand, bite-size and mobile friendly courses that give you the skills, confidence and tools you need to get Investment Ready, our courses are perfect for you. Interested in signing-up or learning more? Hit 'Join Now' to see our courses or scroll down to watch our short video.
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Online Courses

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Ready-Made Templates

We’ve created the Five Years Time Toolbox. Full of ready-made templates, guides and tools, it helps you get started on your fundraising journey. All our courses come with their own Toolbox but if you just want one or two of our templates, they are available for you here!
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The Toolbox

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Fast-Track Success

We could all do with some focused support from time to time to help fast-track our progress. Our One-to-One Support throughout this course is a great way to get that personalised boost. Book a FREE consultation today.
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